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Direct Mail Marketing

When you want to target a very specific audience, direct mail marketing is one of the most effective approaches. There is something to be said of getting your offer in the hands of your potential client. Direct mail is still one of the best ways to tailor specific messages to very specific groups of target customers in specific or broad demographics. When the right campaign is delivered to properly targeted customers over time, you get big results.

Targeting Specific Demographics

With our powerful direct mail database, we can create a highly targeted mailing list based on just about any demographics related to the individual consumer or business owner. Demographics such as: age, income, martial status, car ownership, home ownership, position or title, SIC/NAICS and more. These demographics can be specified to deliver your campaigns to a highly targeted list of recipients.

Diversifying Your Targets

With more detailed data on individuals than ever before, we can design your direct mail strategy to maximize response. A one-size-fits-all strategy is not often an effective approach. Your products or services may appeal to various groups for different reasons. Tell them each a story that will appeal to that specific group. We will put together a direct mail campaign to find who these potential clients are, what influences them and motivated them to take action. Plus, with tracking methods built into each campaign, we can carefully monitor the performance of each direct mail campaign and adjust accordingly. This is an effective formula that delivers ROI from the traditional direct mail strategies.

What Pieces to Mail

Depending on the target audience and overall goals of your direct mail strategy, we can determine what the best combination of media necessary to make your direct mail piece stand out and save your piece from the horrid trash can. In some cases, a letter in a standard envelope is the best solution. Other times, an oversize postcard/brochure with a full color visual and strong headline is the best approach.

Put our experience to work for you to help recommend the right strategy, or combination of strategies to produce the results you've been waiting for.

Give us a call and let's talk about how we can take your direct mail marketing efforts into a new direction. 

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