Who Is MediaGrump?

MediaGrump LLC, A publishing company featuring a team of professionals with experience in Graphic Design for Print, Web and Advertising Media. Serving all Downriver Area Businesses, Metro Detroit and South-East Michigan. MediaGrump LLC is the producer and publisher of Shop & Dine booklets. We offer affordable and effective solutions to help small businesses compete including low-cost Graphic Design & Printing.

We have performed work for numerous small to large businesses ranging from Hair Salons, Furniture Stores, Super Markets, Discount Warehouses, Auto Dealerships, Hi-Tech Industries to your local "mom & pop" shops. Our work has been published within several media outlets including local mailers you find in your mailbox everyday.

How It All Got Started..
"I loved it. It was fun and interesting. I learned so much about what it takes to get business into your front doors." - Dan Cataldo

A local graduate of Wyandotte Roosevelt High School, Dan has literally worn many different hats working different trades which all mainly focused on the same skill; customer service and sales. In school, Dan studied Technical Designing. In the work force, he excelled in management in the retail sector. Generally as manager, it would be Dan's responsibility to generate leads and develop new business for the company. This meant handling the advertising accounts with all the major mailing and advertising companies that would cover south-east Michigan. Over the years, Dan had learned much about marketing strategies, the design and print process and the true costs to build an advertising campaign. Dan loved the work and found it fun and interesting. Together with his wife Stacy, they took what they had learned and acquired to start their own company.

"These two kids came in out of nowhere talking about mailing a coupon book to Downriver."
- Colleen Struss / Acova Insurance

In 2007, needing work with flexibility to care for two sick parents whom each had cancer, Stacy and Dan started their own advertising company to publish a mailer called Community Dollars & Sense - Shop & Dine. Together, during the day, both would go out to cold call on business prospects willing to take a chance on these two kids appearing "out of nowhere talking about mailing a coupon book to Downriver" residents. At night, after a long day visiting business owners, Dan & Stacy would design ad copy for clients that purchased ad space earlier that day. Within four weeks from start to finish, the downriver coupon booklet was in mailboxes.

Did it work? You bet it did! Clients were eager for us to send out the next issue right away. Remember getting that Blue Coupon Book in your mail? That was the most popular coupon booklet in the Downriver area.

What's With The Name?

The name had to reflect the services of the company which is design, print, web, advertising and other media platforms. It had to be memorable and catchy. But what could it be?

The domain name or .com also needed to be simple..and of course, available to purchase. After several concepts, name searching and trials, Stacy had decided on the name Media Grump for the new company. The domain name was available so mediagrump.com was launched!

Anyone who has experience with the staff at MediaGrump knows they are not grumpy at all. We call the green guy Grumpy-Grump. And we don't envision him being grumpy either. It's just fun!



What Does MediaGrump Do?
  • Design & Printing Service
  • "New" Shop & Dine Booklets
  • Postcard & Bulk Mailing
  • Website Designs That are Mobile Device & Tablet Ready
  • Facebook Activity Maintenance
  • Email Blasts & SO MUCH MORE!